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Uttaranchal Journal of Ophthalmology - UKSOS

The Journal of Uttarakhand State Ophthalmological Society is published annually viz June. This journal accepts original papers, case reports of unusual clinical presentation and review articles concisely written in English which are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Besides this letters to editor, book review, forthcoming events and excerpts from indexed journals are accepted. The papers should be sent to the Editor, Journal of UKSOS. All the articles are subjected to editorial review. The Editorial board reserves the right to improve on style and grammar, make corrections accordingly, and if necessary, return the manuscript for rewriting, to the authors.

Manuscript preparation :

The manuscript should be submitted in two sets of hard copies along with CD. Adherence to thge guidelines mentioned here is essential for achievement of efficient and expeditious processing of manuscript.

  • Type on one side of paper size A4

  • Use black, clearly legible type.

  • Do not use smaller than 12-pitch or 11-point type.

  • Use double spacing throughout the manuscript including references, tables and legends.

  • Do not type anything in all capitals.

  • Do not use vertical lines or underlining anywhere in the text or the tables.

  • In the upper right-hand corner, identify each page with a number and a running title.

  • Number pages consecutively in Arabic numerals beginning with title page.

  • Other than the title page, do not identify authors elsewhere in the manuscript. If necessary, identity them with their intials in parenteses.

  • Numeric equivalents must precede all percentages, for example : 20 out of 8 (25%) patients had retinopathy.

The manuscript should be arranged in the given order with each section beginning on a new page.

Title Page

The title page is page 1. It should contain the manuscript title and each author’s full name with highest academic degree (s), the department/institution where the study was conducted with acknowledgement to the sponsoring organizations. The name and mailing address of the author for correspondence must be indicated.

Abstract and Key Words

It should include Purpose (or background), Methods, Result and Conclusion. It should be factual and comprehensive on its own, not exceeding 250 words, with salient clinical or research data. Key words should not exceed three.


It should include (a) Introduction (b) Materials and Methods (c) Results and (d) Discussion. Each must start from new page.


Are accepted only for sponsoring organizations, referring physicians, or individuals without whose support study could not have been accomplished.


Should be cited as per Vancouver method. The number of references should be brief and listed in the numerical order in which they appear in the text. It should be superscripted in the text. The names of all authors should be included. Journal titles should be abbreviated in accordance with the index Medicus. Journal references should be given in the following order : author, article title (with subtitle, if any) journal abbreviation, volume number in Arabic numerals, page numbers and year of publication. The order for book references is as follows : author title, volume (if more than one), edition number (if other than the first), city, publisher and year. If references is a chapter in a book, the order changes. “In” book title, volume, edition editors, city, published, year, inclusive pages of the chapter. References will not be checked in the editorial office. Responsibility for accuracy and completeness lies with the authors.


Must have a brief heading (title), and numbered in Arabic numerals consecutively according to their appearance in the text. The data must be clearly organized self-explanatory and should not duplicate the text. Abbreviations should be used only for units of measure.


Figure legends must be electronic and hard copy of the published materials will not be returned to the author (s). Figure legends must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals as they appear in the text. Legends must identify all symbols or letters appearing in the figure.


Authors should submit high-quality photographs, illustrations, line drawings or graphs printed on glossy paper in duplicate. Each illustration should be numbered in Arabic numerals and cited consecutively in the text. Patient’s identity should be concealed or their photographs should be accompanied by the patient’s written permission to publish.

Authors Declaration

All manuscripts should be accompanied by the disclosure and copyright transfer statement. It must be signed and dated by all the authors without which the manuscript will not be accepted for review and possible publication. The statement should read as follow :

“The enclosed manuscript by ........ et al entitled’ ........’ is submitted solely to the UKSOS. The undersigned confirms that the typescript and illustrations have not been published in any other journal, and on acceptance will not be offered to any other publisher without the consent of the Editorial Board. The undersigned transfers, assigns or otherwise conveys all copyright ownership of this manuscript to the UKSOS in the event of its publication in the Journal of Ophthalmology. Such conveyance includes any product that may derive from the published journal, whether print or electronic.”

If the data in the manuscript were presented at a scientific meeting, the place, date of presentation, and name of the meeting should be stated on the title page.

Dr. Renu Dhasmana

Journal Office:
Department of Ophthalmology
Himalayan Institue of Medical Sciences
HIHT, Jolly Grant, Dehradun

Email : renudhasmana@gmail.com

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